The Napoleonic conquests encourage European painters to confront their imaginary vision of “Orient” (generic term that gather many countries from Algeria to Egypt) with reality.

Many paintings depicts slaves, odalisque, who were “servants” of the sultan. They lived in harem, which was not accessible to painters of course. Despite this, they imagined a lot of harem interior as well as people living in.

In the exhibition Oriental visions, hosted in the museum Marmottan-Monet, you will come across many famous painters such as Ingres, Gerome, Manet, Kandinsky, Marquet, Fromentin.. in a short but amazing experience.

After the exbhibition, you will be able to admire the water lilies of Monet in a circular room, or be mesmerized by his other impresionnist work such as Impression, soleil levant.

Where: Marmottan Monet Museum –

When: until the 21 of July