Paris night life is famous all over the world. But for what reason? Mainly because of its cabarets.

A cabaret is a form of entertainment featuring music, song, dance, recitation, or drama.

Cabaret always had a great influence over the artist community. Toulouse-Lautrec for example was a regular customer and its most famous work is the painting of artists of the cabaret.

In our brochure, you can choose among three cabaret: Moulin Rouge, Lido and Crazy horse.

How to make your choice?

Moulin Rouge

Show “Feerie” which consists of a troupe of 80 artists, including 60 Doriss Girls recruited world-wide, 1000 costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins, made in the most famous Parisian workshops ; sumptuous sets in shimmering colours, uniquely designed by Italian artists, outstanding international acts, the awaited return of the giant aquarium and of course French cancan! All this performed to original music recorded by 80 musicians and 60 chorus singers.


The show draws its inspiration from Art Nouveau, film references, and icons such as Paris’ « iron lady », otherwise known as the Eiffel Tower. The sets follow one another at a furious pace portraying a series of famous Parisian sites. Somewhere between dream and reality, you will discover a Paris that you had never imagined existed.

Crazy Horse

Known for its stage shows performed by nude female dancers and for the diverse range of magic and variety ‘turns’ between each nude show and the next, the Crazy Horse. With new rhythms, dynamic tempos and ever more entrancing choreography, the silhouettes of its legendary dancers are still amazing their audiences with their extraordinary supplenes.

Last but not least, we offer now Moulin Rouge and Lido for a cheaper price without transfer :