Every year, we launch our new brochure in November including new tours. Follow the guide!

Most of them are about sites of the first and second World War.

dcdc6bf6c5d2ec508e148e512970The first one, Omaha Museum&Utah Beach&Ste-Mere-Eglise will take you to Normandy coast and you will be visiting two museums, one at Omaha, and the other one, Airborne Museum, located in Ste-Mere-Eglise.

Tour is done in private only: http://www.euroscope.fr/p/omaha-museum-utah-beach-ste-mere-eglise


e2673f1e087dd5c633dd7c46a935Belleau Woods Us Battlefields

From 1st of June to 26th 1918, a fierce battle occured in Belleau Woords with the US Marine corps.



7fadb432bd7793625f7ba62db099Argonne Battle Fields

You will visit the battle fields, the war museum of Romagne as well as memorials of MontFaucon, Cheppy, Varennes and lastly the Meuse Argonne US cemetery (the largest in Europe)