This Museum presents you a collection of merry-go-rounds, fairground shops and attractions restored, sets of historic works, 1522 independent works stemming from one of the biggest collections of fairground arts in the world.

A few scenes from “Midnight in Paris” has been shot there(ie where Marion Cotillard tells Owen Wilson how she loves this merry-go-rounds, the one with horses).
It’s like a deep plunge in a dreamlike world! You can book a guided visit all year long in group only. If you want to go there by yourself, you have to wait for le Festivale du Merveilleux.

Starting on 26th of December, le Festival du Merveilleux allow you to wander throughout the museum spaces and be suprised by the program of street artists’ performances and the magic of our augmented reality shows.

Adress: 53 Avenue des Terroirs de France 75012 Paris