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  • resto1

    Lunch with Euroscope

    There is many places in Paris where you can enjoy a nice meal. We have some in our brochure that ends your tour of Paris or Versailles. You will find these tours at the beginning of our brochure. Here is a presentation of our restaurants:

  • chartres

    Chartres and its labyrinth

    Did you know that Chartres cathedral has a labyrinth inside? Pilgrims in the middle age used to cross it while praying. But it’s true meaning was never discovered or understood.

  • flamel

    Nicolas Flamel

    Who was Nicolas Flamel? Born in 1330(not sure about the exact date), he was a scribe and a seller. Thanks to his wedding and the selling of manuscripts, he became wealthy. This is the start of the incredible story of his alchemist talent.

  • Jeux vidéo1

    Video games about Paris

    There is only a few videogames taking place in Paris. Strange if you think that Paris is internationally known and that its history can be a great background to many kind of games. Even French game designer set their actions somewhere else, often in the US, thinking rightly that it will sell more.