Euroscope Paris team was kindly invited to the Lido last week to see what the new show has become.

We’ve been 2 years ago when it first started and we saw a clear evolution, in a (very)positive way.

Beside the great decorum of the location and the amazing choregraphy, the stage is also a star of the show as it can be: a fountain, an icering or simply a dance floor.

There are various artists on the stage, gymnasts, acrobats, ice skater, ballerina..

Not to forget the bluebell girls and the famous French cancan. It’s a true celebration and before the beginning of the show, there is a small band(as you can see of the first picture) and you can even dance on the stage.

Here is a glimpse of the show. Click here to access to our website and book it to see it with your own eyes!

before the show

en amoureuxfrench cancan